“What you think and say, the mind believes. Repeated thoughts grow roots. Your mind does not discern between the past, the present, and the future. Life is whatever you make it and what your mouth and mind say it is!”

~ Luka Hinić

A much needed experience in my journey to wake up

Luka Hinić faced death. His existence filled with anger and desperation before finding the power to heal.

“Everyone, no matter their circumstance, can achieve life as they wish it to be. We, you and I, have this amazing power!”

Like many high schoolers, Luka’s self-esteem was non-existent.

“Everyone from elementary school on poked fun. They called me skinny. Extremely sensitive, I hated the word, ‘skinny’.”

To be muscular and to gain weight through physical conditioning became the most important thing in his life.

“My huge desire for physical approval was shadowed only by my determination to hang with friends at the gym, drink, eat whatever I pleased, and have fun. This weekend lifestyle left me with stomach pain and diarrhea most of the week following. All used to my advantage—to get out of school.”

During these years of physical conditioning, he looked better and better on the outside. On the inside, more digestive issues emerged. Couple this with uncontrolled nerves and a mindset laden with anger, resentment, and unresolved personal issues, and it destroyed him from within. He took everything and anything personally.

“The only thing important was ‘me.’ Make that a capital ‘I’.”

Denial of my inner self and my inner needs

“I told myself absolutely nothing was wrong. How I felt and what I experienced was normal … as long as I looked good. I gave no thought to how I truly felt or treated myself and others. Cared not what happened around me.”  

Anger built, sadness crept in, little hurts blossomed into monstrous offenses. Luka held on to all of them. Resentment multiplied. Alcohol, drugs, and fighting intensified to fill the black hole inside.  

“They masked my sorrows, letting me experience slivers of significance and approval. Before long my body (and mind) revolted. I ran in circles. Every time I gained 10-15 kg of weight, diarrhea ensued. It became unstoppable. Eliminating a minimum 20 times a day erased in two weeks the weight it had taken six months to gain.” 

Oh, did I mention the blood? Lots of blood. Luka ignored that as well. He didn’t consider it a problem. “Oh okay, move on. Back to start, again.” 

Cycles of life repeat until we decide to change

This cycle of events reoccurred four times in three years. He changed nothing … followed the same routine expecting different results.  In 2014 things worsened. A colonoscopy ended with a diagnosis of Crohn’s Disease. 

The sentence of Crohn’s Disease didn’t faze him but the words from the surgeon’s mouth fell like hot coals, “Luka, you have an incurable disease. You will be on medication the rest of your life.”  

“That, my friends, is one of the worst things anyone can say to you  

… especially if you believe them. 

“I did! I devoured every word and it killed me. Instantly, I was 80% worse than when I first hit that hospital bed. Dying, physically, emotionally, and mentally; so depressed, I didn’t leave the house. I cried continually and struggled to exist. Didn’t find reason to live and wanted to end my life and suffering.” 

Somewhere during these dark days, Luka became acutely aware of the power of his mind. 

“What you think and say, the mind believes. Repeated thoughts grow roots. Your mind does not discern between the past, the present, and the future. Life is whatever you make it and what your mouth and mind say it is!” 

“I was blessed with clarity and knew this knowledge was something I would share. I would help others become aware of who they are and what they can achieve by taking life into their own hands!”

~ Luka Hinić

Life Screams for change

“My life screamed for change; but my perspective was askew. I reviewed life events and considered them a punishment for ‘something.’ Guilt. I blamed myself and everybody around me.  

“I began what I considered the perfect diet: oats with water, chicken and rice, and toast with ham. No oil or spices. Dry stuff and loads of medication and therapy, all doctor prescribed.”

Forced to stop alcohol, his only source of fun and entertainment with friends, he no longer laughed. Luka was gone … now a blank page, empty inside. 

“I was a victim—thinking, ‘What did I do to deserve this?’”          

In time, he asked the doctor, “Can I eat something else? Can I drink a beer or two?” 

“Of course. You can live normal. Eat, and drink whatever you want. Our biological therapy (medication) keeps you well.” 

With that assurance, his circle of self-abuse resumed. He celebrated by getting drunk like it was his last day. What a way to celebrate!  He returned to his former life style accompanied with medications aimed at keeping him well.  



Lifestyle, along with the chemical substances prescribed by doctors, equaled swollen joints. At 24. his entire body, was inflamed—Rheumatoid Arthritis.   

“In 2015, I needed five minutes to get my legs out of bed. The pain, intense. Hands and knuckles swelled; I couldn’t hold anything. Medications no longer worked … not even the diarrhea and digestive drugs!” 

Problems intensified with the added diagnosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis. The anger of yesteryear turned minuscule compared with the frenzy within. Wrath, rage, fury with self and everyone consumed him. He stopped believing doctors and everything they said. Done. He was done.  

 Change happened but was short-lived

The first signs of a change materialized when he discovered the power of his thoughts and the strength of his mind. He also became involved in a relationship. 

“She likely isn’t aware how she changed my life, which of course, I didn’t understand and appreciate at the time. Miraculously, she provided what I needed. She woke me up from the victim mentality. I fought hard against the programming and conditioning. Deep and rough, tough, but I didn’t know better. Love ruled.” 

The love surged stronger than the pain and reconditioning. “Because of her, I moved to another country, a totally new environment, lifestyle, with new thinking patterns. It melded with what I considered unending love. 

“My health problems, now nearly non-existent! I didn’t spend onesecond dwelling on them. Call me happy. My mind overflowed with good stuff.” 

On rare occasions, old thoughts and emotions surfaced. Mostly when something troublesome happened or when he allowed himself to indulge in destructive patterns.  

“Whenever I felt sorry for myself, she’d say, ‘Stop telling yourself you’re sick. You’re not. Stop playing the victim!’”  

She believed. She knew the power of words spoken … words spoken to him. Luka had not a clue, but her words worked. The journey, hard and painful, took an abundance of reconditioning, fighting, and crying.  

“It was worth those strong words and every bitter tear.  That was 2016. A year later, we broke upI went back to my country   devastated. 

“Soon, I returned to old habits. Destruction. I didn’t know any better. I drank a few days a week, took drugs, ate what I pleased.  Feelings? I didn’t have any. Didn’t feel anything after the breakup. I lived in complete chaos.”

Still, in destruction mode after six months, another relationship surfaced. Happy and glad to feel again; but the intense relationship only lasted a month. The break-up left him feeling unappreciated, disrespected, and run over.  

2017 down again

Killing myself with a vengeance, overeating, overtraining, overdrinking, overthinking, and over-blaming self and others … again. I filled myself with ire, wrath, bitterness, self-reproach, and undigested life events. Within two months, diarrhea and vomiting returned. It was constant and my body was also racked with fever. I questioned, ‘Is something wrong?’” 

“Strange that in those moments, that question surfaces. decided it was a virus or something simple like the flu. It was summer, so I continued drinking. Didn’t want to forgo that pleasure. Right?” 

But something wasn’t right. He wasn’t feeling right. This right was somehow wrong. He wasn’t getting better. Inner fear ushered him to the hospital. 

“I’m glad it did. “Liver enzymes should be between 30 and120. Mine were 1700.”  

For the next three to four months, he spent his time with the medical profession—one doctor after another at one hospital after another. They had no answers … no idea what was going on with his body or liver.  He had continual nosebleeds, five each day.  

“My stools looked like pudding. They changed color—from yellow to red. Chronic fatigue. I itched uncontrollably—all over my body.” 

I was a victim thinking, “What did I do to deserve this”?

~ Luka Hinić

The last straw

A liver biopsy followed.  “Luka, you have Autoimmune Hepatitis, another incurable dis-ease. Your entire liver is inflamed. You will be on corticosteroids for the rest of your life. Within two years your liver will likely fail. You’ll need a transplant.” 

“The doctor said another sentence but I didn’t hear. My life already had crashed. It forever changed. Those words were the drop that spilled the whole glass. It was beyond what I could handle mentally and emotionally. I broke down like never before.”

Change. Change. Something different. A new approach to life. But how, where, and when? Where would he find it when he wallowed hopelessly in sadness and depression, outraged, confused, and desperate. 

“At that moment of devastation, a friend who heard about my condition sent a message. He would love for me to watch one video … “What You Need to Know About Foods” by Dr. Robert Morse.

A glimmer of hope

“It took another month before desperation led me to watch Dr. Morse—a video that completely changed my life. I watched one, then another, and another and another, and yet another. Bet I watched a hundred videos! I read about health, food, and fasting, about our mind, and about neuro-linguistic programming. I read and watched for thousands of hours and incorporated everything I read into my life. I took courses from America and the United Kingdom. 

“I continued to learn, invested in new-found knowledge in myself and everything I did. I discovered my life was an illusion and began detoxing with fruits and intermittent and prolonged fasting. It took intense, hard work and self-reflection on all I was doing, thinking, and experiencing … throughout my entire life.

“I began to cleanse myself physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually! The more I cleansed my body and my mind, the more my eyes opened. I became more aware, more conscious, and clearer in thought. Clear in the realization of what was happening, who I was, and of my purpose.

Transformation of the body, mind and soul

“My health skyrocketed. Doctors were speechless; they couldn’t believe the changes in my condition nor could they comprehend the why. They removed their diagnoses. 

“I was blessed with clarity and knew this knowledge was something I would share. I would help others become aware of who they are and what they can achieve by taking life into their own hands! 

“I practiced everything I read and saw on myself. More and more and more. Deeper, deeper, and deeper in my knowledge. I shared online, with all around me, and with those outside my circle of friends. 

“By using everything learned, watched, or read on myself, I speak with the voice of experience. I lived it, made it my lifestyle. I ate mostly raw, plant-based foods after cleansing the body with fruits. I lead by example. People took notice and asked questions. 

“Some were only casually interested, some needed guidance, some needed help to help themselves. Others wanted to argue about my choices.” 

Luka openly shared his epiphany. Hundreds around the globe have been helped to heal with Luka’s guidance. Everything from weight loss to chronic conditions and emotional and mental issues.  

“When someone erases blockages with simple changes in diet and by sifting through their beliefs, thoughts, and limitations of their mindset and lifestyle, healing begins. The lives they desire and deserve surface. 

“Through my programs, protocols, methods, coaching and counseling—live and online, people experience amazing results and experience positive changes in every segment of their lives.”

You CAN achieve absolute vibrant health, success in every segment of your life. YOU ARE POWERFUL!

Your life can be what you wish it to be! I share so all may know everything is possible when you decide to help yourself. No matter the circumstance, there is ALWAYS a way. Every one of you has the power! I and many others are living proof. You can heal any condition, physical, emotional, or mental. It takes the right lifestyle and mindset!  Love yourself and your body unconditionally, always. Health is wealth!

When we have vibrant health – our natural state of being – we reveal to the world the gifts inside of us!

Love, peace, and strength to you all

– Luka Hinić