Detox programs


Silver Package

Here you get everything from the Full Detox Package plus you get books in PDF form for everything that we will be doing, and a lot of links to videos regarding all of that, so you can constantly be educating yourself and keeping your mind busy during this journey to get even better and more in-depth understanding of the whole process.

You get eight(8) 60 minutes coaching sessions – where we go into depths of anything that we need to work on during these 60 days and keeping you accountable. Where you can ask me anything that was going on in the previous week for explanation, advice, and suggestions. Health, mindset, emotional and spiritual coaching, support and guidance. Changing methods and strategies during the 60 days if needed in your program while you’re healing. All my knowledge, experience and wisdom is available to you through them.

Gold Package

Here you get everything from the silver package plus you get my availability, which means you can text me any time you want for what I mentioned in the description in the Silver Package, and I answer you daily. Keep in mind that it’s not an instant response, I have other clients as well so I answer when I am available, but it is daily responding always.

If you wish to continue after 60 days with only coaching – four(4) – 60 minutes sessions in one month – there is a service called – Monthly Coaching Package or Monthly Coaching Package Extra where you get four(4) – 60 minute sessions in one month and my availability in text messaging during it.

Prerequisites for every detox program

Watch video
download Questionnaire

Please send photos of your eyes and filled questionnaire to a confirmation mail for your ordered service.